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Schedule Appointments
In addition to scheduling visits with you or your child's primary care provider, you now can also make urgent-care appointments with other doctors and even book mammograms.

Email of Your Doctors
You can now send messages to specialists – not just your primary care doctor.

Get Test Results Online
No need to wait for a phone call.

Request Prescription Refills
Ask your doctor or psychiatrist to renew a prescription when you're out of medication.

And that's not all. With MyChart, you can also review your immunizations, medications, allergies, discharge summaries, access your Contra Costa Health Plan ID card and more. MyChart is secure—we take great care to ensure your information is kept protected and private.

For more information about MyChart and how to sign up, talk to provider's office. You can also call our toll-free support number at 1-844-622-5465 or email